Recycle and rejects services are tough on valves. Over the years many new, and often expensive valve configurations have heen thrown at these applications without much success. Now, Engineered Process Solutions offers a specially configured knife gate valve that solves the valve problems common to these services.

Designed to address the specific service problems found in recycle and rejects service, the Fabri-Valve Figure C42 is configured to minimize the effects of the following service problems:
  • Physical damage of the sealing surfaces (gate and seat) due to wire, staples and other debris, resulting in unacceptable sealing degradation.
  • Clogging due to accumulation of wire, staples or other debris that is compacted into the bottom of the valve, resulting in the failure of the valve to close completely, and excessive leakage.
  • Poor packing performance due to damage of the gate surface, abrasion and high cyclic conditions.

    Fabri-Valve Figure C42 solves these problems by selecting tough materials for the components that face the tough conditions. The seat is protected on both the ID and face by a heavy overlay of special impact resistant alloy. The gate is precision ground from a very hard corrosion resistant alloy. Together they provide an effective, durable shear to cut through wire, staples and other debris.

    A specially designed, heavy duty, open bore, cast stainless steel valve body is designed to eliminate the tight cavities that promote the compacting of staples and wire. Instead the wire, staples and debris are sheared, and the pieces fall away. In addition to acting as an effective shear, the hard gate also resists surface damage which preserves packing performance. Special abrasion resistant packing and live loading of the packing follower promote high cycle packing performance. The self-supporting yokes prevent actuator alignment problems and make installationl a snap.
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