• Available in sizes 2 "to 48".
  • Available in Wafer or Lug style body (2"to 30").
  • Double flange style body for 36"to 48"valves.
  • Wafer body features four alignment holes.
  • 2" to 12" - 200psi.
  • 14" to 48" - 150psi.
  • Ideal for on-off or throttling services.
  • Available with handles (2"to 8"), manual gear operators (2"to 48"), and electric or pneumatic actuators (2"to 48").
  • Designed to comply with MSS SP-67.
  • Compatible with ANSI 125/150 flanges.
  • Bi-directional dead-end capability to 200 psi (2" to 12") and 150 psi (14"to 24") is available.
  • Xomox Series 7500 Butterfly Valves are used in demanding service applications.
  • Xomox Series 7500 Butterfly Valves are reliable, low mainte nance shut-off and control valves.
  • Designed for use in gas and liquid pipelines, to a maximum working pressure of 230psi.
  • Equipped to handle an operating temperature range of -30°F to +300° F.
  • An economical alternative to plug, gate, and ball valves.
  • Select from a wide variety of mate rials of construction options.
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Manufacturer Apollo Centerline Matco Norca Nibco Sureseal Ultraflo Watts