Xomox's, patented, live-loaded S2 sealing system provides superior stem sealing in the most demanding applications. The spherical design of the S2 seal and stem assures continuous contact, even during stem side loading.

Dual body gaskets are standard, a PTFE chemically inert seal and a secondary FT graphite seal.

Xomox's patent No. 6,837,482 diamond shaped, thermally assisted PTFE body seal, will seal at all tem peratures in its design range, even during thermal cycling. This unique design takes advantage of the differ ences in the rates of thermal expan sion between the PTFE and metal to enhance the seal.
  • Sizes 1/2" through 8"
  • ANSI Class pressure ratings of 150, 300, and 600
  • Xomox Ball Valves provide tight shutoff from vacuum through rated pressure at temperatures from -20°F to 450°F.
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    N/A One-Piece Flanged Three-Piece Butt Weld End Three-Piece Screwed End Three-Piece Socket-Weld End Two-Piece Flanged