• Permits in-line access for seat replacement.
  • Can be welded into line without disassembly. Consult IOM manual for details.
  • Full port reduces risk of clogging in slurries and solids applications.
  • Body-cover joint not affected by pipe stresses.
  • High sealing integrity of body-cover joint due to fully-enclosed spiral-wound stainless steel graphite gasket design.
  • Solid Stellite 6 seats with large seating faces.
  • Backup seal: Graphite to 1,000°F (538°C).
  • Operation automatically wipes ball clean.
  • Wall thickness complies with ASME B16.34.
  • Stainless steel ball, hard chrome plated.
  • Stainless steel blowout-proof stem.
  • Low emission stem seal.
  • Live-loaded two-piece flanged gland.
  • Fully-guided stem reduces side thrust effect - no wobbling.
  • Heavy stainless handle for manual operation. Up to 2" (50 mm) for regular port.
  • Oval handles and extension handles available.
  • Tightness rates: Allowable leakage rate at full AP: ASME/FCI 70-2 Class V. Tighter shutoff available upon request
  • Unit of Measure

    Technical Data


    N/A Velan


    N/A The Velan Top-Entry Metal-Seated Ball Valve is one of the most universally used valves on the market today. As a standard design it is ideally suited for manual, automatic and throttling control for a wide range of applications for pressure up to 1,480 psig (102 bar) and temperatures up to 1,000°F (538°C) depending upon size, metallurgy and end connections.

    Typical Applications:

  • FCCU catalyst oil slurries in oil refineries
  • FCCU catalyst
  • Hot hydrocarbons and resids
  • LDPE and HDPE catalyst
  • Saturated and super heated steam
  • Thermal fluids
  • VCM
  • Cryogenics
  • PIA and PTA in chemical processing
  • Gas off, steam blow back, instrument isolation in pulp & paper
  • General purpose water, oil and gas applications