• Compact, lightweight, yet powerful. Matryx vane actuators are smaller than other types of actuators in the torque output range of up to 30,000 in-lb. Matryx Vane actuators produce a high ratio of torque output per pound of actuator weight.
  • Long life. Exhaustive factory tests and customer applications have substantiated the long life of Matryx vane actuators.
  • Durable housing. The housing is die cast aluminum for maximum strength. The housing is then coated with a high quality alkyd enamel for excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance.
  • Modular construction. Accessory control components can be easily added in the field.
  • Ease of installation. Matryx vanes are easy to install because of their lightweight, compact design.
  • Mounting kits are available for all types of valves and other devices. Wide temperature range. Matryx vanes can operate efficiently from 0° to 225°F. Contact the factory for applications in other temperature ranges.
  • Special features are available. See page 19 for a description of the options currently available.
  • Simplicity. Only one moving part, the vane (paddle), is needed to transmit the torque to the valve. Because the paddle is cast directly to the shaft, there is no lost motion during the stroke. This design pro vides excellent repeatability when used with a positioner.
  • Low friction. The Matryx vanes use Buna-N (Nitrile) o-rings and Bronze bushings to minimize friction. The result is a design which is more than 90% efficient in torque output.
  • Low Maintenance. There are only 3 soft parts which can wear during operation - 1 paddle o-ring and 2 shaft o-rings. These o-rings are easily replaced and are readily available from the factory and all automa tion centers.
  • Uniform seal. The paddle comes assembled with integral nylon bearings to equalize o-ring compression around the paddle.
  • External stroke adjustment. The Matryx vanes are designed with convenient external travel stops to allow a wide range of rotation adjustment (+/-10° at each end of the stroke).
Unit of Measure

Technical Data


N/A Matryx


N/A 22 lbs10.0 kg

Torque vs. Supply Pressure

Torque @ 40 psi

N/A 4730 lb·in534 Nm

Torque @ 60 psi

N/A 7120 lb·in804 Nm

Torque @ 80 psi

N/A 9350 lb·in1056 Nm

Torque @ 100 psi

N/A 11750 lb·in1328 Nm

Torque @ 120 psi

N/A 14250 lb·in1610 Nm

Dimensional Data


N/A 10.88 in276 mm


N/A 10.00 in254 mm


N/A 1.125 in28.6 mm


N/A 1.442 in36.6 mm


N/A 1.75 in44 mm


N/A 1.13 in29 mm


N/A 1.50 in38 mm


N/A 2.50 in63 mm


N/A 6.38 in162 mm

K [UNC] (qty)

N/A 1/2-13 (3)


N/A .62 in16 mm

M [NPT] (qty)

N/A 3/8-18 (4)


N/A 1.19 in30 mm


N/A 3.50 in89 mm


N/A 2.50 in63 mm


N/A 6.63 in168 mm

T [UNC] (qty)

N/A 1/2-13 (2)


N/A .62 in16 mm