Only Tufline®Sleeved Plug Valves offer all these unique features:
  • Improved performance and greater reliability in traditional ball and gate valve applications.
  • A large, circumferential sealing surface.
  • No cavities where flow media can accumulate, contaminate, or mix.
  • High reliability, even after being left open or closed for extended periods of time.
  • Bi-directional flow.
  • Quarter-turn operation.
  • Positive, in-line adjustment of both primary and secondary seals. 360° lips surround the ports, protect the sleeve, and provide self-cleaning action as the plug rotates.
  • Flanged, screwed, socket-weld, and butt-weld ends. Other connections available upon request.
  • Simple actuation, compact size, configurations, on/off, and throttling service all allow more flexible and economical system design.
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    Technical Data


    N/A Xomox

    Additional Configurations

    N/A 3-Way 3-Way Full Port 4-Way 5-Way Bar Stock Caged Control Chlorine Service Double Block & Bleed Extended Packing Fire-Tested Full-Port HF-Alkylation Jacketed Sampling Screwed End Severe Service Tank Car Vented Plug Weld End