• For On-Off and modulating
  • 13 sizes with torques from 58 Nm to 2452 Nm
  • Dome type position indicator for high visualization
  • Manual override with auto declutching lever for handwheel
  • 2 pes limit switches
  • 2 pes potential free limit switches for communication with control system
  • 2 pes torque switches, open/close (RCEL015-RCEL250)
  • Optional accessories available on request
  • Robust actuator in anodized and epoxy-polyester coated aluminium
  • Enclosure IP67. Optional Explosion Proof EEx d II B T4 and IP68
  • Technical Data


    N/A Remote Control


    N/A 588 Nm


    N/A 22 kg

    Power Supply

    N/A 1-Phase 120/230V (50Hz/60Hz) 3-Phase 380-440V (50Hz)
    Accessories1 N/A CPT - Current Position Transmitter, 4-20mA feedback signal EEx d IIB T4 Fire jacket max. 450C, 2 hours LCU - Local Control Unit Mounting/mounting kits actuator - valve. PCU - Positioner with feed back signal 4-20mA PIU - Potentiometer, 1k ohms
    • 1 CPT, PCU and LCU are NOT EEx proof.