Optimum Performance Under the Most Demanding On/Off and Regulating Conditions
From aggressive chemicals to use in hostile environments, electric actuators must provide optimum performance under the most demanding operating conditions.

EL-O-MATIC ELS, EL, and EL Extended Series Electric Actuators meet this challenge through a superior design that is field-proven over a wide range of process applications and uses high quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and bronze materials for internal components and housings.

ELS Series Electric Actuators are available in two (2) models, produce up to 221 lb.in. of torque and utilize a spur gear drive system effective for use with 2-way and 3-way ball valves.

Standard operating features include cam operated limit switches from 0° to 270° of rotation and 50% duty rating.

Options include two extra switches for auxiliary circuit control, feedback potentiometers, MOD positioner (ELS 25 only) for position control, compartment heater, low voltage DC motors for vehicular applications and special paint or labeling.

Unit of Measure

Technical Data


N/A EL-O-Matic



Break Torque

N/A 200 N·m1.77 in·lb

Run Torque

N/A 70 N·m620 in·lb

Op. Time @ (50 Hz)

N/A 13.5 sec

Op. Time @ (60 Hz)

N/A 11.5 sec

Op. Time (DC)

N/A 12 sec

Break Current (120/1/60)

N/A 2.9 A

Run Current (120/1/60)

N/A 2.1 A

Break Current (220/1/50)

N/A 1.7 A

Run Current (220/1/50)

N/A 1.1 A

Break Current (380/3/50)

N/A 0.7 A

Run Current (380/3/50)

N/A 0.4 A

Break Current (460/3/60)

N/A 0.63 A

Run Current (460/3/60)

N/A 0.45 A

Break Current Voltage (24 VDC)

N/A 8 A

Run Current Voltage (24 VDC)

N/A 4.9 A

Power Consumption (120/1/60)

N/A 225 W

Power Consumption (220/1/50)

N/A 200 W

Power Consumption (380/3/50)

N/A 145 W

Power Consumption (460/3/60)

N/A 180 W

Power Consumption (24 VDC)

N/A 118 W

Power Factor-Cos Phi (120/1/60)

N/A 0.98

Power Factor-Cos Phi (220/1/50)

N/A 0.82

Power Factor-Cos Phi (380/3/50)

N/A 0.51

Power Factor-Cos Phi (460/3/60)

N/A 0.5

Motor Speed (50 Hz)

N/A 1425 rpm

Motor Speed (60 Hz)

N/A 1725 rpm

Motor Speed (24 VDC/AC)

N/A 1600 rpm

Overall Gear Ratio

N/A 1316/1

Capacitor (120/1/60)

N/A 36/250 µF/V

Capacitor (220/1/50)

N/A 10/450 µF/V

Weight (W-proof)

N/A 16.5 kg36 lbs

Weight (Ex-proof)

N/A 18.5 kg40.5 lbs

Duty Cycle

N/A 30 %



  • Compact, lightweight durable NEMA 4, 4X, 7, and 9 rated aluminum housings
  • Self-locking, multiple reduction worm gear system for tight, quarter turn positioning control
  • Rugged, ball bearing motor with auto-reset thermal overload protector available in all common supply voltages
  • Hand wheel override for manual valve operation
  • Torque switches to protect valve seat from debris damage and provide reserve torque up to the rated maximum (except EL55)
  • Cam operated limit switches for in-field adjustment of actuator stroke to valve (factory preset for nominal 90° stroke)
  • Highly visible, domed valve position indicator
Highly Reliable, Trouble-Free Operation for the Most Demanding Applications
    ELS and EL Series Electric Actuators have been designed with no external moving parts for trouble-free, in-field operation and are easily installed on most ball, plug, and butterfly valves through standardized mounting. The electric motor used in all EL actuator designs turns primary and secondary worm gears to engage the final drive shaft. This double worm gear drive system offers two (2) distinct advantages over other designs. First, the actuator is self-locking and second, transmission backlash is negligible. The hand wheel override, which is connected to the second worm gear, can be used to operate the valve manually in case of power failure.