For applications involving extreme temperature ranges or corrosive chemicals, to periodic opening or closing of a valve or hundreds of cycles 24 hours a day, pneumatic actuators are required to operate flawlessly under all types of continuous process conditions.

EL-O-MATIC E & P Series Pneumatic Actuators offer the high quality and reliable performance needed to keep your process up and running with little or no process downtime and lost revenue due to shutdown.

Available in 24 double acting and spring return models from 40 to 120 psig air supply, E & P Series Pneumatic Actuators feature a compact, dual opposed, patented balanced piston design and guide band suspension system for optimum performance and long service life.

NAMUR, VDI/VDE 3845 solenoid, positioner, switch mounting, and a splined alloy 70-75 drive shaft with removable drive inserts provide universal accessory and valve mounting. Dual stroke adjustment is also offered on all E Series actuator models.

Integrated control options include manual override, PosiFlex" positioning system, limit switches, solenoid valves, and breather blocks. Special actuator options may be supplied upon application.

Unit of Measure

Technical Data


N/A EL-O-Matic




N/A 1.8 in


N/A 0.5 in

Weight (Double Acting)

N/A 1.3 lbs

Weight (Spring Return)

N/A 1.5 lbs

Operating Time

N/A 0.4 sec

Air consumption (Port A )

N/A 3.1

At1 atm cu./in. (Port B)

N/A 3.7

Operating Pressure (90° Models Spring Return)

N/A 40 to 120 psig

Operating Pressure (90° Models Double Acting)

N/A 20 to 120 psig

Temperature (Standard)

N/A -4 to 175 ºF-20 to 80 ºC

Temperature (Optional)

N/A -4 to 250 ºF-20 to 121 ºC


N/A -40 to 175 ºF-40 to 80 ºC


N/A Air dry or lubricated; noncorrosive gas


N/A 91.5 º


N/A Casing: Aluminum Alloy Shaft: 70-75 Aluminum Alloy


N/A Polyester non-TGIC based powder coating


N/A Up to one million cycles, depending on application

Torque vs. Supply Pressure


N/A ED 12

Torque @ 30 psi

N/A 43.9 lb·in

Torque @ 35 psi

N/A 51.4 lb·in

Torque @ 40 psi

N/A 58.9 lb·in

Torque @ 45 psi

N/A 66.4 lb·in

Torque @ 50 psi

N/A 73.9 lb·in

Torque @ 55 psi

N/A 81.4 lb·in

Torque @ 60 psi

N/A 88.9 lb·in

Torque @ 70 psi

N/A 104 lb·in

Torque @ 75 psi

N/A 111 lb·in

Torque @ 80 psi

N/A 119 lb·in

Torque @ 90 psi

N/A 134 lb·in

Torque @ 100 psi

N/A 149 lb·in

Torque @ 120 psi

N/A 179 lb·in


N/A Available Models and Sizing Data

    E & P Series Pneumatic Rotary Actuators are available in twelve (12) single acting and twelve (12) double acting models.

    180° Dual Stroke Adjustment (DSA), Caustic Soda Resistant (CSR) high or low temperature and fast-acting models are also available.

    Complete sizing data for all major valve manufacturers is on file and available from EL-O-MATIC's in-house database to ensure proper selection of the right actuator for the right valve.

Typical Applications

    E & P Series Pneumatic Rotary Actuators can be used with ball, plug, or butterfly valves for on/off to continuous process control.

    While choice of a particular actuator type depends in part upon die application, the most important selection criteria remains torque. E & P Series Actuators cover a torque range from 80 to 40000

    Special versions are also available for offshore and hygienic applications and can be operated by gas or oil.


    E & P Series Pneumatic Rotary Actuators are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and also comply with the following international standards:
  • NAMUR, VDI/VDE 3845
  • DIN 3337
  • ISO 5211


N/A A Complete Choice of Accessories for Advanced Monitoring and Control Applications

Limit Switch Boxes HD

To signal the open/closed position of the valve- usually in on/off control applications. Standard unit contains two SPDT snap-acting switches that are independently adjustable. CSA Explosion-proof approval, Class I and II, Div. I Groups ABCD and EFG, NEMA 4.


For actuator control via an electrical signal.

Manual Override

To open and close the valve manually.

Breather Block

To prevent contaminants from entering a spring return actuator.

180° Actuation

Extended rotation for multi-ported valves. Available in 2 position, 3 position, double acting, and spring return versions.

Block & Vent Valve

To isolate the actuator from its air supply and vent it to make it safe for local service.

NOTE: For complete information regarding actuator and accessory specifications, data sheets are available for download from