• Patented, axially-pliant, pressure- assisted seat assures tight sealing and extended service life.
  • Positive, bi-directional flow.
  • Double-offset and eccentrically mounted disc extends seat life and reduces downtime.
  • The seat is protected from abrasion, erosion, and corrosion.
  • There are no springs to break, no O-rings to swell, and no hoops to erode.
  • Symmetrical seat replacement is fast and mistake-proof.
  • Low-torque seating for easier actuation.
  • Unit of Measure

    Technical Data


    N/A Flowseal Triac Xomox

    Additional Configurations

    N/A Cryogenic Enhanced Fugitive Emissions Control Extended Packing Fire-Tested High Temperature Jacketed Rail Tank Car Valve Steam Traced Wafer & Lug Styles