• Exclusive Memoryseal™ seats compensate automatically for wear and fluctuations of pressure and temperature.
  • Unique 4-Way and 3-Way packing arrangements for superior stem sealing (refer to page 7 for details).
  • TA-Luft certified.
  • Multiple solid cup and cone type PTFE stem seal and graphite packing.
  • Stem guides prevent side thrust.
  • Long cycle life
  • Low, uniform torques.
  • Blowout-proof stem.
  • Fully enclosed PTFE body seal.
  • Metal-to-metal contact between insert and body act as secondary seal and prevents overcompression of the seats.
  • Pipe flange gasket acts as third precautionary seal as threads from the insert are within the raised face flange.
  • Meets worldwide specifications. Design ASME B16.34, BS 5351, API 608(2), fire tested to API 607 Rev. 4, BS 6755 and API 6FA. ISO/CAPI for all parameters of standardized valve automation.
  • Locking device standard for valves with lever handle.
  • Highest standards of quality.
    Over its 50 years of production activities Velan has earned a worldwide reputation for quality in design, manufacturing and valve performance.
APPLICATIONS: These rugged, versatile, high performance ball valves meet requirements for oil and gas pipeline service and can meet NACE specifications when required.

The valves can handle a vast variety of fluids, slurries, semi-solids and almost any corrosive service in chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, pulp and paper, processing and other industries.
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