• Off-center split-body design allows the use of advanced spiral-wound gaskets.
  • Maximum temperature for CF8M 1,000°F (538°C), forWCB800°F(426°C).
  • Full port ensures large capacity and reduces the risk of clogging when handling solids or slurries.
  • Wall thickness complies with ASME B16.34 and BS 5351 for 2-12" ASME 150 and 300 full port only.
  • Stem bearing reduces side thrust effect on packing and prevents stem wobbling.
  • Integral seat locking option does not require additional parts or special tools.
  • Scraper seats standard.
  • Ball and seats lapped for optimum performance and tight shutoff.
  • Low emission stem seal.
  • Blowout-proof stem.
  • Two-piece flanged gland. Live-loaded as standard.
  • All valves with graphite packing and backup seal are inherently fire safe.
  • Can be used for manual throttling applications. (For automation contact Velan Engineering.)
  • Manual operation with handle for 2-4" (50-100 mm) FP and 3-6" (80-150 mm) RP. 6" (150 mm) FP, 8" (200 mm) RP and larger require gear or actuator. Gear or pneumatic actuator available.
  • Tightness rates: Allowable leakage rate at full Delta P: ASME/FCI 70-2 Class V. Tighter shutoff available upon request.
  • Oversized ball to stem connection provides:
    - No deformation of the stem slot in the ball.
    - Better throttling control performance.
    - Less motion loss and wear in automatic on-off applications.
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