• VCTs

    StoneL VCT platforms feature fully sealed, solid state, modular electronic systems warranted for a full five years. A solid state magnetic resistive sensor provides continuous position feedback in the C-Module used in the AXIOM platform. Dual inductive position sensors provide feedback for the Dual Module used in the ECLIPSE, PRISM and QUARTZ platforms.

    On-board microprocessors, position sensors, output controllers and more are included to consistently operate the valve-actuator assembly and precisely communicate parameters to the plant’s control system.

    Used in the AXIOM platform, the C-Module (Continuous sensing) integrates a magnetic resistive sensor system to monitor exact valve position throughout the rotational range. Push button or remote Open and Closed position setting along with microprocessor based operation make this state of the art system convenient, reliable, and smart.

    Dual Module
    Used in the ECLIPSE, PRISM, and QUARTZ platforms, the Dual Module (Dual sensing) integrates two inductive sensors to directly monitor Open and Closed valve positions. Settings are made by adjusting cams with stainless steel targets for simple and reliable operation.

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