• Tufline Jacketed Valve

    Tufline fully-jacketed and partially-jacketed sleeved plug valves, including 3-way valves.

  • Jacket Butterfly Valve

    Jacketed, steam traced and jacketed-high-performance butterfly valves for rail tank car service.

    • These rapid-draining, bottom- mounted, bottom-operated valves provide safe, reliable, and economical service in rail tank cars.
    • The low-profile design significantly reduces skidding costs.
    • AAR approved (Approval Number E049006).

  • Tufline Steam Traced Valve

    Tufline steam traced and jacketed butterfly valves provide patented, triple-point prevention of media solidification.

    • Both the shaft and the bearings are fully heated.
    • The steam is channeled from the shaft, around the full perimeter of the disc, and out the bottom shaft.
    • A separate steam path circulates through each side of the body as suring complete and maximum temperature control.

  • Tufline Jacketed Plug Valve

    Tufline jacketed metal-seated plug valves