• 2-Way Fully Lined Plug Valve

    • These valves are more versatile, and often out-perform, alloy valves.
    • More economical than alloy valves.
    • With FEP and PFA lining, cast, dovetail recesses and machined grooves lock the lining to the valve body casting. The locked-in lining is virtually impervious to shrinking, stress-cracking, collapse, or blowout.
    • Unlike alloy valves, there is no need to inventory different valves for various applications.
    • There is less chance of costly and dangerous installation errors.
    • Media contamination is prevented.
    • Positive shutoff.
    • FEP and PFA locked-in lining.
    • Tufline Lined Ball valves have a metal-to-metal body joint to control compression of the liner for assured sealing.
    • The seats are easily and quickly replaced.

    Both the standard and full-port valves are available with extended packing for enhanced control of fugitive emissions.

  • Tufline Fully Lined Butterfly Valve

    • Lower torque ratings.
    • Continuous disc/shaft lining.
    • Triple O-ring stem sealing components are all isolated from corrosive flow media.
    • Spring washer live loaded stem packing. Slim profile disc.
    • Completely enclosed shaft bot tom. No springs, seals, or washers to corrode or fail.
    • Face-to-face dimensions meet API 609 specifications.
      PFA lining:
    • More flexible and less bulky for more reliable and tighter sealing. Excellent permeation resistance.
    • High Cv values.

  • Wafer Swing Check Valve

    Tufline Fully Lined Accessories are a reliable and economical alterna tive to costly high-alloy products.