• ELS, EL, and EL Extended Series Electric Actuators

    Optimum Performance Under the Most Demanding On/Off and Regulating Conditions
    From aggressive chemicals to use in hostile environments, electric actuators must provide optimum performance under the most demanding operating conditions.

    EL-O-MATIC (Elomatic) ELS, EL, and EL Extended Series Electric Actuators meet this challenge through a superior design that is field-proven over a wide range of process applications and uses high quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and bronze materials for internal components and housings.

    ELS Series Electric Actuators are available in two (2) models, produce up to 221 lb.in. of torque and utilize a spur gear drive system effective for use with 2-way and 3-way ball valves.

    Standard operating features include cam operated limit switches from 0° to 270° of rotation and 50% duty rating.

    Options include two extra switches for auxiliary circuit control, feedback potentiometers, MOD positioner (ELS 25 only) for position control, compartment heater, low voltage DC motors for vehicular applications and special paint or labeling.

  • RCEL006-250

    • For On-Off and modulating
    • 13 sizes with torques from 58 Nm to 2452 Nm
    • Dome type position indicator for high visualization
    • Manual override with auto declutching lever for handwheel
    • 2 pes limit switches
    • 2 pes potential free limit switches for communication with control system
    • 2 pes torque switches, open/close (RCEL015-RCEL250)
    • Optional accessories available on request
    • Robust actuator in anodized and epoxy-polyester coated aluminium
    • Enclosure IP67. Optional Explosion Proof EEx d II B T4 and IP68

  • Series 92 Electric Actuator

    Standard Features

    • Motor: Reversing, brushless, capacitor run 115 VAC 50/60 Hz, single phase
    • Overload protection: Integral thermal overload protection for motor windings with automatic reset
    • Gear train: Permanently lubricated, solid gear that is Rockwell hardened
    • Corrosion resistant housing: Thermally bonded baked powder coating with stainless steel trim
    • ISO mounting configuration
    • Conduit: Two 1/2" NPT conduit entries to eliminate cross feed between control, feedback, and power signals
    • Position indication: Highly visible beacon position indicator for positive position of valve, even at a distance
    • Declutchable manual override: Pull up on indicator knob, insert 5/8" wrench onto flats and rotate in the appropriate direction (CCW for open, CW for close). Models with handwheel override do not require a wrench. Simply push down on handwheel until engaged with cam and rotate
    • Limit switches: Standard end of travel limit switches can be used for light indication (not to be use with PLC for position confirmation)
    • Enclosure: Combination NEMA 4X, 7 & 9 enclosure for use in various environments
    • Corrosion resistant mounting: Mounting is with PPG or stainless steel bracket, stainless steel coupling, and stainless steel hardware
    • CE compliant motor: All 115 VAC and 230 VAC motors are CE compliant and stamped as such
    • Extended duty cycles: Our extended duty cycles are ideal for modulating and high cycling applications
    • Output torque: Series 92 Electric Actuators have an output torque range from 400 in/lbs to 2000 in/lbs

    • Auxiliary (additional) limit switches
    • Feedback potentiometer
    • Heater and thermostat
    • 4-20 mA Positioner (Modulating PCB)
    • Mechanical brake
    • 4-20 output source (Transmitter)
    • Cycle length control module (CLC)
    • Two-wire control
    • Failsafe battery back up (Protek)
    • Voltages
    • Local Remote Station

  • Triac we/xe series

    WE (weather-proof) and XE (explosion-proof) electric actuators are specially designed for quarter turn operating applications such as Ball Valve, Butterfly valves, Plug valves, Dampers and similar valve automation usages. WE/XE Series electric actuators are ideal for on/off and modulating applications in Gas and Oil, Pulp and Paper, Chemical Processing, HVAC, Water, Power, Steel and general industries.

    Standard Specifications
    Enclosure: Weatherproof enclosure IP67, NEMA 4 and 6
    AWWA: Conforms to AWWA C504-93 requirements
    Power supply: 110/220V AC 1PH, 220/380/440/460/480VAC, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz, ±10%
    Control power supply: 110/220V AC 1 PH, 50/60Hz, ±10%
    Duty cycle(on-off): 70% Max 1800 start/hour
    Duty cycle(modulating): 70% Max 1800 start/hour
    Motor: Reversible Induction motor
    Limit switches: Open / Close, SPDT, 16A 1/2HP 125/250VAC, 0.6A 125VDC, 0.3A 250VDC
    Additional limit switches: Open / Close, SPDT, 16A 1/2HP 125/250VAC, 0.6A 125VDC, 0.3A 250VDC
    Torque switches: Open / Close, SPDT, 16A 1/2HP 125/250VAC, 0.6A 125VDC, 0.3A 250VDC
    Stall protection: Built-in thermal protection
    Travel angle: 90°±10°
    Indicator: Continuous position indicator
    Manual override: Declutching mechanism
    Self locking: Provided by double worm gearing
    Mechanical stopper: Open / Close(external adjustable screws)
    Space heater: 7-10W(110/220V AC) Anti-condensation
    Cable Conduit: Two 3/4" NPT
    Lubrication: Grease moly (EP type)
    Terminal block: Spring loaded lever push type
    Materials: Steel, Aluminium alloy, Al bronze, Polycarbonate
    Ambient temperature: -4°F -158°F (optional -40° Low Temp Kit)
    Ambient humidity: 90% RH Max.(non-condensing)
    External coating: Anodizing treatment before Dry powder, Polyester, Munsell no. 5R 3.5/12