• Weir-Valves

    Features & Benefits:

    Bonnet Isolation

    • The diaphragm isolates the working parts of the valve from process fluids.

      Streamlined Fluid Passage
    • The smooth contoured body has minimal pockets, cavities or dead spaces, which prevent accumulation or stagnation of process fluids or contaminants.

      No Packing Gland or Packing
    • No more packing gland adjustment required or stem packing leakage problems for improved control of fugitive emissions.

      Positive Leak Tight Closure
    • Bubble tight closure is provided in accordance with MSS SP–88.

      In-Line Maintenance
    • Easily maintained when required for reduced downtime and lower cost of ownership.

    • Unique feature in all plastic lined weir valves that prevents liner flexing over the weir, which reduces the potential for liner cracking.

      Molded Closed 2-Piece PTFE Diaphragm
    • Diaphragms are molded to the exact contour of the weir for superior shutoff capabilities.
    • 2-piece configuration eliminates delamination of PTFE which is common to 1-piece configurations.
    • Superior flex life
    • Reduced permeation
    • Excellent chemical resistance

      Adjustable Travel Stop
    • Prevents overclosure of the valve and prolongs diaphragm life. The adjustability feature assures that leak-tight shutoff can be maintained throughout the valve’s life.

      Bronze Bushing
    • Reduces turning torque and enhances cycle life in “dirty” atmospheres.

      Sealed Bonnet
    • Offers secondary process containment to control fugitive emissions.
    • Supplied with leak detection port as standard.

      Floating Tube Nut
    • Prevents point loading of the stud on PTFE diaphragms, which enhances diaphragm life, particularly in high temperature and high cycle applications.

      100% Seat & Shell Testing
    • All valves are pressure tested bubble tight prior to shipment. No visible leakage is allowed.

      Extensive selection of body and diaphragm materials and actuation packages.
    • Allows optimum selection of materials for service conditions, often without expensive upgrades.

  • Saunders Industrial Diapragm Valves

    • Weir straight-through and high-flow available.
    • Size range: 1/4"to 14".
    • Pressure range: Vacuum to 230 psi.
    • Body materials: Cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, cast steel, stainless steel, alloy 20, PVC, and CPVC.
    • Lining: Soft rubber, hard rubber, Neoprene, Butyl®, Hypalon®, Polypropylene®, Tefzel®, PVDF, PFA, glass and halar.