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As the premier distributor of industrial valves, valve automation services and related piping and steam specialties in our region, we attribute our success to quality products, knowledgeable people, and service second to none. Erdmann has a wide variety of high-quality, high-tech products to meet your requirements. We back these products with knowledgeable, experienced, service-oriented people and we will provide timely and accurate responses to your needs.
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Plug Valves

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Sleeved Plug Valves

Sleeved Plug Valves

Only Tufline®Sleeved Plug Valves offer all these unique features:
  • Improved performance and greater reliability in traditional ball and gate valve applications.
  • A large, circumferential sealing surface.
  • No cavities where flow media can accumulate, contaminate, or mix.
  • High reliability, even after being left open or closed for extended periods of time.
  • Bi-directional flow.
  • Quarter-turn operation.
  • Positive, in-line adjustment of both primary and secondary seals. 360° lips surround the ports, protect the sleeve, and provide self-cleaning action as the plug rotates.
  • Flanged, screwed, socket-weld, and butt-weld ends. Other connections available upon request.
  • Simple actuation, compact ...
2-Way Fully Lined Plug Valve

Tufline Fully Lined Plug & Ball Valves

  • These valves are more versatile, and often out-perform, alloy valves.
  • More economical than alloy valves.
  • With FEP and PFA lining, cast, dovetail recesses and machined grooves lock the lining to the valve body casting. The locked-in lining is virtually impervious to shrinking, stress-cracking, collapse, or blowout.
  • Unlike alloy valves, there is no need to inventory different valves for various applications.
  • There is less chance of costly and dangerous installation errors.
  • Media contamination is prevented.
  • Positive shutoff.
  • FEP and PFA locked-in lining.
  • Tufline Lined Ball valves have a metal-to-metal body joint to control compression of the liner for assured sealing.
  • The seats are easily ...
Tufline Jacketed Plug Valve

Tufline Jacketed Plug Valves

Tufline jacketed metal-seated plug valves