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As the premier distributor of industrial valves, valve automation services and related piping and steam specialties in our region, we attribute our success to quality products, knowledgeable people, and service second to none. Erdmann has a wide variety of high-quality, high-tech products to meet your requirements. We back these products with knowledgeable, experienced, service-oriented people and we will provide timely and accurate responses to your needs.
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El-O-Matic® Actuators

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E & P Series Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Rotary Actuator

E & P Series Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Rotary Actuators

For applications involving extreme temperature ranges or corrosive chemicals, to periodic opening or closing of a valve or hundreds of cycles 24 hours a day, pneumatic actuators are required to operate flawlessly under all types of continuous process conditions.

EL-O-MATIC (Elomatic) E & P Series Pneumatic Actuators offer the high quality and reliable performance needed to keep your process up and running with little or no process downtime and lost revenue due to shutdown.

Available in 24 double acting and spring return models from 40 to 120 psig air supply, E & P Series Pneumatic Actuators feature a compact, dual opposed, patented balanced piston design and guide band suspension system for optimum performance and long service ...

ELS, EL, and EL Extended Series Electric Actuators

ELS, EL, and EL Extended Series Electric Actuators

Optimum Performance Under the Most Demanding On/Off and Regulating Conditions
From aggressive chemicals to use in hostile environments, electric actuators must provide optimum performance under the most demanding operating conditions.

EL-O-MATIC (Elomatic) ELS, EL, and EL Extended Series Electric Actuators meet this challenge through a superior design that is field-proven over a wide range of process applications and uses high quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and bronze materials for internal components and housings.

ELS Series Electric Actuators are available in two (2) models, produce up to 221 lb.in. of torque and utilize a spur gear drive system effective for use with 2-way and 3-way ball ...